The Dream I

My castle, my
Castle in the air shimmers
From afar as if
It were not real, as
If I were not
Truly seeing it with
Mine eyes, its
Glory, its white
High walls and battlements, its
Flags bravely flying - how
Far it is, how
Unreal its bulk solid
On that hill, its
Shadows and lights, its
Glittering windows, its
Drawbridge fastened
Tight, guards posted.  Can I
Reach it I wonder, my
Horse restive and my
Heart beating fast? Is it
A  ford too far, a
Crag too high, a
Promise too rich and
Deep to be real and
All mine?  My
Castle on the hill - the
Real stone blocks of it, the
Halls and doors, the
Ladies' chambers, the
Quarters of my  warriors - O
Take  me there, wave
A wand and transport me
To its very foot where
The road unwinds - O
When   will I be there?
When   will I be home?
Is it there for me to come?
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