The Angel's Breath

This one seems honest and true
With humanity, a warm heart
Greater than that
Sham of one in you.

But I suspect you and he
Are fashioned of the same clay -
Appearing heavenly 
But constraining me 

With steely rims
Biting my hands - you share
Metal outer skins, pare-
Down to bonded kin.

Maleness: carried like a skill
An attribute, a discipline -
The aesthetic thing -
Knowing how to kill.

You don't smother us with love,
Don't bother us with hate, 
Inability to relate -
The icy breath, the need to prove

Yourselves fully men by any means
Available that damages -
Some things too easily let loose,
Others hidden, suppressed, lease-

Out your love why don't you -
Let it languish in conditionals.
This Angel is beautiful
As the last but where's his truth?

I judge he plays a Demon's role -
Angel in disguise -
Man-to-man you fraternise
Trading by secret rules:

Complicity and the cold wound -
The plunge and turn of the knife -
Money breeds expertise in life
But lack of love for womanhood.
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