Staring Down The Fall

I can't cry - my ducts
Are numb.  You are gone
Your face favoured with new
Climes: happy and
Fulfilled.  I am left  
Broken, messed, I un-gel
Daily, hourly, minute by
Minute.  I have no smiles
Now - my face is
Wooden, transfixed
Won't move.

I can't find a similar
Mind - all beings are
Worthless here, fey and young,
Unflayed by time's teaching
Unstabbed by pain.
I feel too much - the burden
Mounts, keeps mounting,
The chasm yawns.

How long can I
Strain at this edge without
One, a single one who speaks
My language?  Where have all
Those from my time, my age
Gone?  How can I not
Drop down?
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