So this is where

So this is where your journey has led you:
	to rocks and stones,
	to dust in the mouth

journey of cut feet and cut hands
journey of letting blood and letting go

this is the place of arrival, of meaning:
	survival of death by brutality

the unseen breaking, dulling of light
and poison drips in darkness

O I  have seen, I have seen them:
	the steely men, the evil ones

with bright in their eyes for
killing and vengeance, for
hatred of women, of

anything living - I have seen
loss of hope and innocence:

journey from pure to empty
to dis-use and dis-ease -
the abuse of privileges

I have clasped the grass in my fists
and cried at the sky, at

six feet of earth, at separation:
journey as desolation

of rocks and stones, unrelenting
sun, dust in the mouth -

this is the place of all our returning:
wilderness and desert

the place of the skulls
the place where I lost heart

where I parted from people,
disowned the rest as nothing I knew

of being human - they ate dirt
like snakes, and I detested it

here: now: the end of all possibilities
hand on the wood and the upward gaze

embers in the air 
from all our funeral pyres

Life: the disappointment
and the complete abhorrence of all that is
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