Blue Skies

the day has closed-in on itself -
clouds frown and
throw their tears at us,
dark and angry at some

the palms wave, lazy,
green fingers spreading
softly bend and sway

and on the tin roof rain drums
as our linen curtains bloom

on a clear day
his eyes are aquamarine -
a sparkle of light blue in white

but now, curved in the
hammock quiet and
neat, his gaze is
focussed with a
thinking point behind it -

sharp, directed eyes of
concentrated navy

he is a placid, peaceful
soul, unharming
and kind he
thinks of others first

at times
when he smiles down
his eyes are soft as he
takes my hand, body sturdy

today the water
falling from the sky
precludes the beach
and we are quiet, busy, 
contented each to each -

even in Paradise
it rains
but the plants are
green and bright
and the air is warm

out tiny coloured
yellow birds
make their nest
and pink buds form

somewhere in the hills
the reservoir is drinking
and all the island breathes water
in the air -

aquamarine the sea
has been
since we came here
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