Running Scared

I hear noises
                               outside but I pay
                               them no  heed
                               feel sealed-up
                               inside my head
                               as if my thought
                               roams within
                               a capsule of steel
                               smooth  of wall
                               with no nook or  cranny
                               to be chiselled
                               or prised
                               I am a prisoner
                               pain beats
                               at my temples
                               I am jarred
                               and uneasy
                               but don't even
                               know  why this
                               suffering exists
                               at all
                               can find no reason
                               for this
*,                             withdrawal
                               for this nervousness
                               I am like a
                               ball inside a sphere
                               rolling nowhere
                               except around and
                               always travelling the same
                               learning nothing
                               not progressing
                               heavy with intent
                               but no fulfilment
                               I am twitchy
                               and running
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