A Beneficial Time of Year

My  face is sore
Pink-stinging from the
Beating of the sun's
Gold encouraging all things
To  grow all things
Brown  to burst
With life budding
Seeding, regenerating.

Now  indoors from
Too  much  sun and air, its
Expending  energy
Generously, the fire's
Red  glow is too hot
Nipping skin
Denying my  try at
Contemplation of the
First sunshine of
The  young year.

You  see I am
The  only one left
Awake  in the silence
Of  dreams
And  the stuffy air is
Clotted with their
Cloth weaving grunting
Sighing thought the

Lazy meanderings  from our
Strung-out cat
On  the floor
And  Mum's  head pours with hope
For  the garden this year, she is
Flaked-out full-length on the
Sofa after much bending
Digging and resurfacing
Of  earth.

I watch the dog's blue eye
Snap open  suddenly
Look  my  way
But  his world is at
Peace so he re-drapes
Himself over the armchair
Head flopped.  I figure

For  our entire
Household  this is a
Beneficial time of year.
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