Rock Crystal

Rock crystal, imperishable, compressed, 
glistening with inner light
dug-up and held in the hand -
beautiful diamond ice with red
and green fire - it is there, I know
where, and there are doors and
doors to get there - spaded,
bladed, freed, fired by sun

it is mine, and I do not need
to explain it
or have it seen - it lives deep
down in, unknown, unseen, the
white light heart of all my life
the ultimate gift
the lone
and it is home, it is finding home.

It is hard, rock crystal,
imperishable, beautiful in its
hard fire, its sparks of red
and green, its fire-seams.

My fingers burn
my wrists have nails
my palms are pressed
rock crystal on fire, blessed.

No-one and nothing but me
can touch its beams.
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