Residing in my eyes

You  have blocked
My  vision
Square, rigid
Your  bulk
Fills all my eyes
Swallows the light,
You  are non-abridged
And  solid
An  original version
And  staying put
And  I, unseeing
Had  no space left to cram 
Extraneous facts in
Past your grin -
You  seamed-up all my days
Stitched me with such ease
Left me counting
On  my fingers
I have no armour now
And  1 let you in
Put the invite
In your hand
Once  there you took up
Residence on a whim.
1 cannot fathom
Why   I let you land me like a fish
And  I didn't know
What  I had caught -
My  wide arc of love lay
Glittering in your hand
You  ate my thought
Rainbow  man
So  now I have to detour you
Every  waking hour
Avert  my eyes, countermand
Your  power, ignore
Your  stare - do you know
It's me you sweat from your
Pores, comb  from your hair?
It takes me all day
To  circumvent your giant
Foot,  disentangle myself
From   those long black locks,
That  glossy black
Entwines  my limbs until
I cannot move forward
Or back.
You  breathe my air too easily,
How  dangerous you are
Lodged so
In my eye
Unignorable - you
Bought and sold my life
And  I have paid your price, so
Give me back my  sight
And  remove your presence
From  my rooms  and halls -
You  cannot stay here any
More  to be Master of my
Fall: I refuse to be your
Host and 1 deny your lust -
For all your girth and
Stature, sir, you are
Unkind.  So be warned:
You  are unwise now
To stand so close, for
I will set my house alight
Make  of myself a pyre
In order
To erase that smile.
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