I yearn to spend my time
In your arms, near your hair
To have your  stare
Fixed on mine -  I am
Bizarre to want so much
From  you who  may  just exist
As a theory, an unreality, yet
I will be desolate
If you, irreai, are not this
Alive, this

How  my  world turns
Strangely now, it pivots
On  you, the hub
Of my  wheel - a simple
Rendezvous  is
A  revolution tentatively
Set in motion
Unti! heart and soul
Are  spokes stuck

Equidistant from you.
I stretch touch from touch
To  you at the heart
To  you at the rim, to you
Fixed  and turning in
My  wide ring of being -

My  turning is propelled by thee
And  I am blind so fond, so
Free, for you
Have  become  the
Connected  centre of me.
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