You  encircle me,
Enweave  me in,
But won't allow my touch
To  gain your arm
You  hold me tight, but
Won't  let my reach
Pass your skin.

You  are far away, leagues away
Your  mind in flight, I
Gaze  into your eyes
Share your sight
Yet you cannot  bear to have
My  light shine too strong -
You  only let me make
A  slight impression.

My  thoughts of you are trickery
Playing games on me, you are
The  dream I cannot hold onto,
My  respite from a world
Ugly  with relinquishing.

You  are a whirl of laughter, beauty,
Fun,  you are the soft and hard
I lean on
And  how  I love
Alive within your time
Sad as rain at your demise
For  I understand your destiny
Rises tangential to mine -
I heard the Fates whispering -

Yet I weigh our time; you are
Precious as a diamond
Your  smile worth vaults of gold
Your  hair worth a million more
How   sore you pierced my
Heart  with your darkness and .-x
Your  sultry gifts, your ability
To  give me what I need whilst
Withholding it from me  -
You  are deliberate
In  your lack of love, your
Toying  and your cruelty.

From  first to last a wisp
On the cusp of my dreams
You were a dancing man, my
Pan my own  - did you
Exist or were you just
Illusion: a fantasy born
Of my  own need my own
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