You  shone on me
Full-beam like a sun
A  bright stream of light, a golden one
And  I basked
In your glow, your siow  full heat
I let myself go, attracted
By  your energy, your mystery displayed
I spun on the golden thread
Of  you although I knew
You  were alien and I
Misplaced.  1 stepped across the line
Revelled in the unknown:
You  were to me a strange
Song  of beauty, of air, so
Fair you were so  light, such a
Slight imprint on the hand's lines
Such  longing stared me down:
Bright butterfly of green
And  blue with wide wings
Of  patterned rings and white,
A  span a million miles, a million
Hearts desire your eyes, there
Were  no nets couid capture you.

I had you
Cupped  in my hand that
One  time; I gazed at your
Sleek silk lines your
Smooth  bright eyes, your
Aquamarine  lit my skin then
You  flew away into the blue.
Such  a blue dawn
Without  you my
Bright butterfly poised
For  an instant
Then  gone.
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