You are dark, sombre, a presence
pressing on me like a weight, your
steady gaze laden with intent. Through the
heavy air I watch the lenses of your eyes dilate,
I plunge, drown in those ever-widening rings, cannot
rise through the leaden liquid of your spell, cannot
raise my face to take a breath, gulp the light - must
fling myself outwith the reach of hell's wide gate - 
you submerge me in a living death of self, you expiate, 
radiate intensity like heat, vibrate, your bodysweat oozing 
on my skin, opium drugging beyond my power to feel
pain of being in its physical form. Insensible, insensate,
I am held within your will, changed yet stay the same and
you: sullen, dark, forbidding, hold the power of kings at your
command - your hands weave strange portents on my skin,
demanding I relent, you have a skill unseen, unwritten, sent
in an unfamiliar tongue - I watch you as you forge, secrete,
omens unfold in the air and fall like coins of gold at your
feet. Your presence was foretold: it was said that I would
meet eternity in the darkness of your eyes, that I would
dream of laying my head on that dark sward of your
inner world - inviolable place that stretches past the 
curve of glass, the living lens, the window in. A race 
of time and sense, I am sucked towards your whitehot core
refracting heat, irradiating me beyond my power to endure.
Your dark pupil is one atom more than I can cross to
counteract this crushing of my sense, this crash of violence
forcing us together like a press. I cannot break such steel
cannot cool the fission, tear you from my ribs, how can I
melt the crackle of such a purple frost, how can I
combat or prohibit 
your dark force?
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