man in shed right-angled
over bits bent metal unaligned
to body shrapnell 
structural fatigue of the heartwall
weals and cracks you weld
bits you bolt together
alloy of solder/tension/torso
graft you 
a new iron backbone

face behind the bike frame 
hides pale eyes 
your flame
burns with experience/craft
learned on life's 
seamy side 

your twin/my eyes
upright noble true wind
birch of leaves and sun
my wooden backbone
straight in unfamiliar air 
bent back bent head
I listen absorb 
your odd consolation 
feeding spliced light
throwing morsels from
life as construction -

the source that shoulders
my blue eyes
out the door -

to hoard your heat
from furnaces 
I can't reach 
dynamos running deep-in
on obsession's fuel
I know well 
my shattered mind 
wrenched heart
grind metal on metal 
far beyond the need for oil 
or weld that you would give
if you could from that
unknown world -

the source that shoulders
my blue eyes 
out the door -

the rising sap I require
not yours to feed 
right-angled man
bent over bits of bent metal
from whom 
in this shed today 
I take my leave
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