In The Era

This is my time too - these
ragged, jagged days of
uncertainty and
no peace - all this technology
tries, not saves, but
with us it is and we must
swim, not sink in its train.

These are my days too, these 
quietudes and deaths, 
the loss and no gains, the 
people disappointing and 
the ugliness - this

is my time too, the quiet 
Sundays with no hand, no 
word, the love in abeyance 
and regret hanging fast 
to my clothes. This

is my time too, the 
future ways as yet 
unknown and firing 
that scare me. This 
hollow body and the 
fragile bones, bent 
and splayed, must 
carry me true as dust 
and stars - the 
scars of life tell me

I live. This is my time too 
this scarifying place.
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