In Absentia

twilight world
where light/dark don't matter
don't venture in 
tap you on the shoulder
prevent you from
the task in hand
people pale shadows 
through your revolving doors
their machines' wounds sores
all healed/cured
your bag of magic tricks 
your doctor's box 
no-one cracks the safe
locked man 
for you can't let them
under mind/skin 
in your twilight time 
unwelcome unreceived
no chaining lion 
raging your head
man possessed/deceived 
by devils doing you harm 
and you believing 
they are kind/warm
while they scour the guts of you 
hollowed man 
drained soul
your spirit level dropping
by degrees of cold
laser show 
that focussed beam 
bright enough for anyone to see
who can 
trained on 
cold inhuman things
mirage and dream 
with steely wings laughing
as they take your hand
twilight life
solitary place they revolve
like dancers on a stage
that have you dazed/stupified
no regrets 
I hear you say 
as your warm blood 
is leeched from you
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