Gone III

Turn  the volume up
Till the sound
Blaze through this cold
Block out,
Unfreeze it, pierce
The reserve madly
Let light in
Let its loud abrasions
In, release the silent
Scream  of the prisoner within
Let the rasp and roll
Rocket free in the air
Swift, silent, dream-like
Full of purpose, rage, the
Power  of all hell let
Loose; let your body
Echo  like a bell
Resound  the pain
Let it turn and
Turn  again
Until it shoots like a
Lightbeam  of pure sound -
If I could paint, it
Would  be red red red;
Shoot  the volume
From  each pore
These  soul arrows
Assail the ear, transport me
Away;  I am living
Today  neither fast
Nor free.
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