A Winter's Tale

The  fire is
                              Red  orange pink
                              Lilac lavender
                              And  gold
                              Delicate green highlights
                              Flicker at its heart: how hot its
,,                            Innermost parts are -
                              The  only living thing
                              Near,  my own  fear of a
                              Void  cold and dark, a
                              Void  to pock my  mind and
                              Freeze  me here.
                              I am  rigid, can barely
                              Blink, my colours  stiff
                              All bleached to grey, coldly
                              They  stick forlornly
                              To  me  like a crust of frost.

                              If I peeled them off, tried to
                              Separate my  skin, I would break,
                              Chunks   of me come off in my
                              Hand,  I would disintegrate - no
                              Colour  bold enough to hold me
                              I would  float
                              Insubstantial as a ghost
.^,                           And  memories  would spill,
                              Leach  away like blood from a
                              Cut  artery.

                              So  I stand very still
                              Avoiding  jolts that might
                              Shatter  the soul. I will
                              Bear  the clamp of winter,
                              Brave  its icy breath its
                              Dark  silent strength, and hope
                              I can  sustain the smallest flame,
                              The  palest warmth, till spring
                              Brings  sweetness and fragrant air
                              To  thaw  one lone being. I will
                              Watch   my colours grow.   I will
                              Be  strong again, my skin
                              Supple,  my body  a reconstituted
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