My friends are shaped and
true to their surface and trim - one
is a circle that you
never exit from but
bounce along on smoothnesses that
please - one is a
hexagon, all planed and angled
and she turns, hard
on you depending which
facet she raises that day.
One is a triangle, she has
three modes of being:
erudite, happy, feeling, her
structure rests sound on a
broad horizontal; and the
other is a square turning
and turning the corners of her
life without giving in
to the process, she stands
not exits on the four
solid pillars that uphold
her hardnesses, help her
exist in flux and brokenness;
and I, a diamond, am
true to my light, the bluely-
silver moonlighting here, there
and back again as I
spin, revolving, on
axis and prism, escape
and overload - I am
seamless yet dazzling
and I shine on
all who can.
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