bring on my sorrow, carry it gently
in wide earthenware jars, the slow
heavy pools sloshing

bring on my sorrow in wide basins, with
white lilies floating gently
in the wide pools

bring on my sorrow and set the 
jars, the basins, down, gently,
tenderly, the wide heavy waters
swaying with movement

and let them glint in the light
as the light mixes with the waters
and the quiet lilies bloom - my
wide deep basins and wide, deep,
earthenware jars, full of sorrow, full
of light, full of beauty, reflections

of memory glance and sear
as light dances on the waters
where all my heart pours -
it pours there, a fountain brimming

with song, with quiet song
for the joy of having lived it
and the grief that it is gone

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