This is the vow of silence
this is the vow of health
where fingers interlock and eyes
speak each to each, the thread to be
unbroken despite 
lack of wealth, or food, or heat.

This is the wind's ears
the land's breath, the sun's warmth,
and all the spirits congregate
to test our resolve and express their

The matter weighty, full of obligation
and despair if we let it conquer us -
but we take these tokens of parley and
integrity, and with hope
exchange them.  Our hope is

each other; that we not let the
world's poison do us harm;
that we stand firm hand in hand
through all ills.  May we be true in
our trust, in our weathering.

This the tryst where human understanding
and compassion conquers, and our
audience in this high wild place -
all the spirits of the gone and here -
are with us on this day to see us
say, each to each, that we will
not break the thread though
all Hell's legions stand between.

We pledge it before you all: the seen
and the unseen, the here and the gone.
He gives his gold, his gem, 
as I give this silver ring -
these the symbols of our vow.

The touch of skin alone can seal
the bond, for we are not given 
other means by which we may 
ensure our worth all inward is intact.

So in this air around, this light above, this soil
below, God's arc over all,
may we be rainbow in our love
not lose our inward worth
not lose our sight
nor take too much
each from each - may we 
give before receiving.

This is our aspiration's depth and height,
as old as soil and rock, as brilliant 
as the lights our eyes can see in day and darkness - 
those moving beacons spreading overhead -
God's beacons 
where our human eyes are drawn.

May our steps be God-led, to a
steadfast hope and purpose, to a
hand that reaches to prevent
the other's fall, should one stumble
on that road.

May we be worthy, may we
be blessed
and in the midst of this, God's kingdom,
may our love, our spirits, always be
in peace, in rest, in harmony.
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