in your Armani suit
silk tie
Gucci shoes
I wonder what 
bar your elbow rests upon tonight?
what your eyes gaze at over
the rim of your pint?
with what words your 
thoughts issue forth as they
fight for space between
the smoke and your lips and your
easy laugh?

where does your attention alight
when it has done with the
blank brightness of screens, the
digital reel-to-reel that
movies the inside of your skull
with its red LEDs, its
3D unreality - all that crap that
you believe
passes for life?

what is it like 
to have plans and schemes forever
in bloom, Flash Traffik 
multiplying in your room, the on-going 
manufacturing of those solid gold
rungs to the top: a strategic and exact
laddering towards God? what a
clinical course you chose, cold and forced -
excised your heart in the process
dumped it 
(no bloodloss except mine)
in the nearest bin -
the day you began your climb

after the presentation of
what was really what
and all options and cards had been
laid on the table, the verdict was clear:
your rise, meteoric, your
parentage, hell, nobody cared
for there was money, power, in the air.

they say that the dark horse always wins the race 
but I bet any odds you like
he has trouble with mirrors
Adam's Mirror
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