Statue - the
folds and curves the
muscle swells - the
transfigured arms, the
ropes of the back
and a fig leaf
for modesty - it
stands outside the
portico, gazing into
skies and never-seen
but beauty held in
check, fixed
in place, the gestured
hands illustrate
intaken breath held
and not released, the
blank eyes speak but
loud the body in
beauty sculptured
true to form in
life lithe and moving -
ripple of turn, the
artist's eye and
hand have made a
tooled perfection, creator
creature of stand and
obelisk - I
finger your perfect marble
and wish I could
take your hand
lead you
down from such high
space, elevated
richnesses of
time and place -
evocation of maleness:
arrogant perfection the
trace of God's plan
certain and
beguiling to the eye.
Adam's Mirror
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