The Circuit

such a long road
the trail gone cold
the scent diminished, the clouds
flying high and wide - out of reach
and the ground too near, palms
cut with crawling

it's been a long road, the curves
twists and turns, rough
rides hidden in mists and distance

here the old track is - I
recognise it, where I
started with darkness and heart, the
good intention
pared with effort
and reality, knowledge revealed

like ground under
glacial ice melted
by a scorching sun -
bedrock of being:
the way things are
a far cry from
hope and the long day

shorter now
and more familiar
for there is no
new ground fresh
new green vistas -
all that is
	is here
and here it was all along
before I went away
	on the circuit
to find what
never was there
does not exist
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