This is it.  I understand it.
I have been here always,
Simply have not seen -
The veil was drawn
The glass opaque
And they had bound my eyes.
Now, unfolded,
Blindfold off, I see I see
I see the land in front of me -
Its sweet-pastured sun
Its bright dominion
But I also see the crack
Right at my feet where it
Has always been.
How could I not partake
Of both, being what I am?
I drink from his bright streams,
Know his benison, yet share
The torment of the damned,
Constrained to 
Visit their sour land.
This is the double burden 
Long borne but misconstrued.
Now, eyes unbound, I use them
To see the two sides 
Of his coin.
My life is cleaned
And sound, bared to its 
I must stand the scourge
Of this clear air, his
Faultless power;
Bear the wailing at my feet 
The world's woe -
He masters all of it
And I must speak
As I am told -
Describe his mind, unroll
The sights I see
And wrap them
In bold words
For those I leave
The Book of The Scribe
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