Your small space 
Curtained and
Mysterious, contained
Within the great
Is the heart that
Beats inside these
Multiple walls that
Divide the outside
Air from here and
Keep you soft
And quiet, bejewelled
And crossed, your sacred
Wafer is embossed and
Small enough to take
Like coin placed 
In the hand and eat
For our benefit.

Is this chapel
Walled and squared
And pilloried - outwith this
Sturdy layer of stone
Stand sterner
Ones - all bowed
And gouged and
Formed of
Crescent width and chevron -
Aisle and nave
All palaced, but you sit
Quiet inside
The smallest space
For one to come and
Kneel before your door
To ask what we are; for
A quiet mouth
That sits and waits and
Eats your heart's secrets.

Tonight I know you
Here with me - I am
Hand-in-hand with thee - 
This sanctuary
I stand within, this
Ornate crown -
And pray.
I hear your organ
Ring my heart as
You tread over me.
The Book of Thoth
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