today I had a sea swell -
now that it has gone
I recognise it, and my

shore lies pale gold, and
cold, as the westlight
dims limning the rocks to pearl

and a large white moon
slowly rises casting a
crystal road to where the
			sea frills

the sand is cool between my
toes and skin goosebumps
as a night breeze rises

I had a sea swell today -
it rose high and rolled slow
moving all the water in its way

and it travelled leagues unknown
to reach my bay
where it lifted me off my feet

and made me gasp as it carried me
inexorable arms
miles away

deposited me gently on the
wet sand and subsided
into the damp air, where

over the trees, the air, 
catching its outbreath
lifted upward in a white mist

and I am left flat and quiet
heart wrapped in tears -
the warm green arms of power

unrecapturable in my head
thin imagining

and my stomach turns itself
over, cold, in fear
that I am here, and somewhere,

before I was cold
it was warm -
it brought me -

eyes of stone
feet of lead
whispering a song of the sea

of travelling and movement
of time and carrying
like drops in the sun
			unfixing me
The Teetering Woman
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