Here, we are

The wind tried hard
to blow us over, but
we didn't give up:

crossing the bridge to
Bernera and a glimpse
of Iron Age life by the beach.

Together 10 years - we have had
our own metal
tested by fire:  heated,

struck, shaped, we
made it through fire
and water - chins above

the tide.  I watch the
Red River bleed into the sea,
the colour changes

momently, the sun going
out and in.  Companion.
Friend.  Confidant.  His

warm arm has steadied me
over many a stone; his
hand given balance over

rough ground.  Where is
my land?  It has to be 
within - a place of the

heart.  Time, drift, weather
pushes us apart, together,
and family become

distant beings looking at
distant hills.  There are no
cures, we just exist as

best we can amid winds
and tides, hard rain.
Here, we are: a decade on.

One Year Round The Sun
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