Gold and pearl

The House Martins are up and about
darting and twittering, enjoying
the languid day of gentle airs,
nonchalant cloud, and hot sun -
the birds all around add their
voices to the sound

this place just sits in peace,
not moving, drinking-in the
air, the heat.  My mind is full
of vista:  depth of rolling
brown hill and heath, peat-
sodden with wiry heather;
stoic stones standing for
millennia; royal blue lochans
set in the landscape like
jewels; horizon-line of the
stretching sea, and beaches
arcs of gold

home now, I settle-in to 
my setting my own
pearl of great price
bought dearly.  I am too full
of thought, too anxious
to please some unknown
task-master.  I must
learn to be kind
as I get old.

One Year Round The Sun
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