A Windy Day

The rushing wind
shakes the trees, pushing
branches out of the
way.  On the hill the
tall trees sway together
as if they were in a dance.
The shed door rattles
and the walls creak
with the gusts.  No birds
on the wing, only the
sure-footed squirrels are
unperturbed, munching.
A strong, mobile day, not one
for gardening and body-
buffets.  I had a
tradesman in fixing my
shower, so the morning
went in waiting.  My arms
are grateful for a quiet
day of inactivity
as I marvel at the
strength of nature's air.
How time goes here,
quick, quick, the quickest
days I have ever known -
I long for years of it,
time enough
to make me feel at home.

One Year Round The Sun
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