Certificate I

piece of paper
folded neatly
truth testament
opaque time and place
blurring name 
the quick mistake 
the product of 
hasty withdrawal, easy exit 
information printed, scrolled
words to point of fact
telling not very much at all
of progeny
bad acts, soured hands -
no turning back

the surface face of it
smooth, pleasant, sweet
hid the irridescent skin
the cool green marble eyes
veined, not quite the real thing -
no blood flowing -
oh shallow chameleon
your act too long, too hard
had to crack
bad egg
curdling words, all wormy
and turning

your poor shadow
red eyes, sore head
tongue hissing
what you are
whence you came
smelt it then
the rancid skin
the gut turning
squeamish feet 
soled on slime

the paper bears names, dates, places -
all clues
to be effaced
Life by Degrees
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