The Book

It opened at a crucial page, with appropriate words just
Springing out before her eyes and they all made sense,
Were directly relevant to her situation.  So she read
Carefully, learned the healing hidden inside the lines.
That was the trick she found, to read what wasn't there but
Was implied.  It was the implications which counted, guided
Mindaction, bodythought.  So it became rubbed and worn 
Because she carried it everywhere, sought help at every
Possible opportunity.  People thought she was crazy, a little 
Lady touched in the head.  Some even called her obsessed
But not to her face of course.  She didn't notice their 
Disapproval, didn't care what other people thought because
She felt Jesus personally kiss her palm each time she came
Out of the shower, and that made her content with her lot.  
The book always did it for her, it was paper absolution, 
Super-absorbent, and it soaked up all her waste.
Holy City
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