I am
a living sacrifice, a single
holy soul.
I am the living bread you
for the life of the world:
my soul is yours to fracture - 
my life is yours to torture -
I am your eyes and tongue and you speak 
and see 
through me.
You need us, you need me 
to be.
Our prayers ascend like 
perfume to your throne - you 
hear us and
look down,
are glad to be received.
I will be
no longer sad
for I have realised
involves the join of our two
beings: mine broken for 
your task and its progression, 
yours alive and whole in me:
the living flame.  Through prayer we change 
only ourselves - our petition is 
perfection of your world,
that your well will 
in infinity becomes 
a unity of
body and collective
strength that incorporates our
sin - we are not outcast, we are
necessary for
your creation to begin.

Your breath is power 
and you only wait 
for our open mouths
to be welcomed in.
You are height and width and all
speed - all test of
pit and weariness -
you live in us that we may
use your shoes 
and walk in light.
The inception of my
World is
your birthright.
Holy City
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