He is the blueprint
For us all: his broken people
Who suffer and are lost
Forsake, betray - but
We too live joy 
And friendship, love
Faces us - 
In balance of the
Dark there is the light
The sight of his
Straining flesh the iron
Nails his red heart is
Our life, our flesh
Betrayed by others
And ourselves.  I

Understand the map
Of my own life - my own
Gethsemane, my own
Staring at the moon in
Despair, my own Annunciation
My own
Crucifixion where I cried:
	Why hang I here?
	Why am I dying?
But this quiet man
All Human and Divine
Knew the blueprint
For our life was
Him -
He did his Father's
Bidding, his body
Filled with 
Breath from him
The given Spirit 
Empowering him to live
And die
As paradigm.  I am

One in
Dichotomy - his life is
And as I tread his path
Aware of my task's
Expectation -
I am honoured to be
Graced by the pain
In his hands that I
The given gift, the
Covenant I am asked
To fulfil.
I am his will
And will go on
Tracing depths
Treading heights
Until before his throne
I can rest 
In lightness
And lay my cross my burden 
Holy City
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