Undone II

Think coldly light this
winter year - steely and
metallic blue
striking table, chairs
and my eye, glancing
white against the wall -
day enters here
and brings a waft of
frost with him, the
sign of the season
and the man opposite
at his station
sitting watching TV
and I, breathing, at
mine my coal-face
pain the waking
hurt the muddy
mind and all my
life to walk in - little
mermaid:  a fish
without a sea
walks dry land
gingerly and
all her friends beguile
and all the world
a-wail, and nothing
to avail, assuage,
damp down
the fires of loss
the fires of heaven
coming in - the
cold light blue
steely and biting
heralding a winter day -
one so far away
from wood and stone
and you
I am
The Golden Fish
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