prone and the rods driven in
the hammering and
the pain broken
bones and splintering
gouged skin
fastened and
hanging on blood
old and done not
ripe or red the
tongue the tongue
in your head
speaking words of
combat that
defy the steel
defy the noose that
holds you still
and prone you are broken
and prone you are dull
the call out bright
and living, living
sight of the sky the
deepening blue stretching
over you as the
stars wheel and the
moon shines down with
bright eyes
eyes of steel
and hanging you are
live and hanging
you are driven
stretch the bright
skies you can
hold them in forgiving
arms your love
wide enough your
heart deep enough
to cry and live
to die and live
to hang and draw
the world's love
A Glass of Pure Water
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