I Have Seen

One moment of perfect
a divine shaft
of brightest light
beamed on my crown.
Sparks fly, soft as down
from my face
and my eyes
a translucent blue,
the hue and size
of infinity's cry, spoor
of a far wider place
displayed all in azure
in the deepest blue of
thought transposed
into light and diamanté
stars.  I have surpassed
the gods - I rise
on this golden throne
awake and see all
eternity spread before
my hand.  I am silent,
still, virgin, I wait
for the light to dawn,
to begin, the rosy crown
will be mine.  I will be
the right hand of God
and the touch of his skin
will be pure beauty pure
whim, it will be all
sublime that one fresh moment
of breath from
the heart and all will be
still, silent, beautiful.
All lands will live
all flowers breathe
and the scent of an eternal
midnight sun will
rise forever on.
A Glass of Pure Water
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