I am a Scottish Poet, living and writing in the Highlands of Scotland. My poetry journey commenced in 1987 and I have been writing ever since, always responding to inspiration when it strikes. I strive to be faithful to my gift. To date I have amassed a Collected Works of around 2600 poems. I have 16 proto-collections, each exploring different themes.

I have studied English formally, receiving an MA Honours Degree (distinguished First, Prize, Medal) in English Language and Literature from the University of St Andrews. I went on to further study and was awarded a Doctorate (PhD) in English Literature and Literature & Theology from the University of Glasgow.

Poetry is a niche interest and - along with other Arts - many do not consider it relevant to everyday life. I disagree - poetry speaks of the clash of human experience with life, it articulates things of the heart and of the soul. In our industrial and technology-focussed age, it is hard for poetry to maintain its voice, although it has an exceedingly rich and lasting heritage. I submit to you, my voice in my time. All of my poetry is here.

May 2024

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