lethal error

Man,  but he was a pain
in the arse, all that overinflated arrogance
and a concentration on perversity         
and pain he could inflict for his own gain.
All the same if you ask me,             
he thinks the"sun shines out of his own, individual tree
and that the leaves are solid gold, 100% accurate,
and ringed with nice tall ladders he can climb,
to touch Me,  don't you know,  get leverage
on a penthouse  or a stupendous        
bank  balance, whichever comes quicker.
It was all percentage uptake, high stakes at the Board,
and he  stared at the wrong kind of words  all day,
and talk talk talk into fibre optic cables, loudly,
and tap tap tap (no typing skills, all one finger jobs)
and the world  shrivelled
to a stock and share price, all netted and precise,
a flicker of interest in the eyes        
as soon as the price of money was published,
hourly  now, just in case he missed something crucial.
And  it's all leather upholstery and the smooth ride,
no bumps, no demands, she 
turns a treat, helps you round       
those bends,  keeps your speed up  man.  
Home  at night to the wife? (Get a life!) 
No,  no, it's all two thousand quids worth of stereo -
CD equpment I mean -
(for the times they are a-changing)
yeah, and black ash furniture to match. 
And  life becomes a Dino de Laurentis: 
all slow camera angles and                  
nice lines. Good  suits you know.            
Oh  yes, and travel, broadens the mind, all those hotels
and plane food  - one large jet lag in the gut.
But wait  till he's 40, he'll be on the skids then,
thrown  out on his arse with no pension     
(and no  friendly face to get close to)
loads of wrinkles, but bent in the mind,
all hidebound and sub-contracted out.     
And  do I care?  Well, yes, really, I do.
But  I have to tend my own  tree,     
I can't water yours too,
and at  least mine's growing. Try  tears.
Try  breathing fresh air.               
Throw   away  that tie and take a hike buddy,
I tell you, it's the only thing to do.
And  one  more thing - you  know       
if I hadn't designed the whole scene,
I'd be really quite depressed.
I guess it's just a question
of overproduction  ...
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