love you when the sun sets, loving you
when it rises, lying quiet I think of you
and your almond eyes, the curtain of your 
hair when it falls around me, your fine
mind, your techne, love you yesterday,
tomorrow, but most of all, today

and today, when the sun shines on our
love, we are hot and strong together
in our walkings, our talkings, all our
moments and how blessed I feel that
you are with me and our lives coincide
and travel well the space and time we

have been allotted - we fly the air, coasting
on the updraught, how spread out the world
below us, how large and small, landscapes
of light and shade, places we can stop and
watch the water coursing and the trees casting
shadows on the path - and how beautiful you

are with strong limbs and your slim frame,
freckled skin, expressive hands, and quick
they are keyboarding in your favourite place;
our space a small, angled room, and time
enough for frolicking and smiles - miles
away I am today, through choice we separate

but come together, reach the shore, like
tides skimming and leaving only to return -
there is no harm, only warm and close
breathing and the beating of your heart,
your empty bottles and clean plates, the
keychain with its lilac beam turning the

world strange, and your mess with its
guitar, and your paperwork in drawers -
all that alchemy of time and pressure
drawing numbers to itself, torque and tension
on the wire, beakered liquid, and fire,
the different world you inhabit and inhale

to my worded silence and the pale
light of moons turning slowly in the dark -
we are different yet the same, swimming
rivers to their source, coursing rapids and
absorbing light to grow, H2O and photosynthesis
we reach the air and crown -

and together we drown in warm light and
the touch of skin, the quiet, silent moments
in the morning when we lie and are content -
we are meant to be, in the new day, with
our world turning red, and green, yellow
with light and living, orange haze, purple

dreams, bright white light between us as
we shine on other suns and transmit our
energy, transmute our time, wizardry of
life and living, love and surprises, well-worn
words that fit like slippers and silk - this
messenger will find you well and whole

in a new day of rising and open eyes
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