(for sdjp)

dark and long - your
pale skin a contrast,
freckles punctuate,
tired eyes and red
rims due to 
computer-time and 
no-frills life pared-
down to exercised
breath, swordsmanship,
thought, quietude,
converse with a screen,
mobile heart
hand in mine
and then you're gone
only been minuted
and memoried, buses,
awakenings, leavings,
and feeling in the 
skin's memory - our two
bodies pressed like we
could defeat death
and time        with
innocence and love -
our two best gifts
shared with no
pretense - I have no
thrust and parry,
I exercise my life's 
breath each moment
as though it were my
last: the duel 
already fought, threshold
crossed - I hold you
in my arms, and love
with purity, simplicity
and strength, the
fibre of my being - I
hold this time tight
like rope bound round
us both
as if I could
never let you go
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