Words and Pictures

This is my space:
A paper paper paper place of
Printing, covers, letters
In plethora, in pictures -
No reticence of thought.
But play spot the
Person and you find
Only me.
The word 'alone' appears
Ten thousand thousand times.
The word 'with' you 
Will not find.  I am
Confined by my own fate - one
I cannot break for all these
Words do is help me
See the big picture, help me
Cure my own peculiar 
Brand of
Insanity.  People.  People.
Always gone or going
Away.  I am segregated by
Distances.  There are no
Bridges through time to
Another's mind, no bridges no
Divining rods, no water to pour 
On parching horror, douse the
Sickness the sadness the 
Smell of fear.  I can be only
Myself here - there is
No more no more than this.
I am home alone - and happy to be.
The past is no enemy.
The crowds in here 
Are with me
In monochrome - figured
In black.  Hieroglyphics 
Mean me in
Words and pictures - I am
The film of the book - I can
Picture the words and hear
What people will say
About me.
Without me.
One day.
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