Where to now, oh children, children mine?

Down that road peopled with machines
All cold screens, dry meals, and treadmills turning
Eating and shitting pounds & dollar bills
Mind-gorged on debt, accounts and 3-piece suites
The car loan, the overtime, the motorway
And forgetfulness in violence on film
All lottery-insanity and oppression unseen
But felt like one inhales a bad smell without
Locating the source - do you not doubt?
Do you not feel their blindfold block out
The light that is your due?

Take this one, the road paved with love and
No money.
Watch trees sway.
Take time to marvel at the sky.
Do honour to a flower.
Think, breathe, light a fire and live together
On the land and with it in respect.
Revere the old, nurture the young
And teach them truth and dignity.
Community of people who can feel,
Engage with all things real, really
Look and see the sea and wind, sky and sun,
Grain in the hand, the life in both is one,
The elemental spirits are your own,
Your birthright held until you learn
The step to take, the road to tread,
Take this one, the one for which 
You were born.

Don't take-on overload, and hype, and bury
Choice through squeeze and hours of labour
Trying to please them as they steal them from
Your hand.  For cash you pay them back
To let you live.

Whose is the scaffolding you live within?
Who delineates your days and gives them shape?
How do you spend your precious, precious breath?
Who forged those bars of steel and locked you in?
Can you escape?
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