What we are

I can teach you nothing: a
	scientist -
I can only tut and move on.
	What's to be done
	with such a man?
Ah, my kin, I embrace thee
despite it, for we are different,
yet we are twin.

There are always different
routes to the centre, each
spoke has its own point
at the hub
from a separate place
in width.

	The air is clear here, still ..
	it might rain.  You pick
	at your boot as the birds
	sing.  We are different, twain,
	but we still know how to
	give.  We love each other
	and live.  I can learn
nothing, a poet, attuned to
the depths of earth's spirit, and
feeling the turning of all things.

I am prophet to your fact -
	without tact - and despite
	our severance of date and time
our experience of reason
and rhyme, we manage
synergy and accept.  You inhabit

your space, and I mine.
Beneath the sun we are separate
	yet one.
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