What? Why? Where? How? When?

What do I do?
How can I be
Not myseif?
How can I
Not care
Not worry
Not ask you to fix the
Window, carry
Shopping, wash
The kitchen floor?
My life no less hectic
Than yours and yet
I annoy you when
I walk, talk, when I
Think of the million things
We must do to
Fix our home, when my fingers go
White and numb,
Circulation exhausted in battling
Lack of heat.
I feel my heart
Start to turn the same
Colour of white, my
Life with you is the colour
Of the sea: deep ebony -
Obscure depths through which I
Cannot see.  I even forget your
Eyes, eyes of glass that glaze through me.
The path is closed before me, I have read
All the signposts yet know not where to tread.
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