Weights I

I find this burden weighty
It purples my back with
Its bulk, bows my neck
Makes  my trunk bend
Unhealthily, yet I have
Glimpsed another world
One  of light serenity
Bubbling where nothing
Is set and nothing
Bruises the thought
I would be like that 
But know  not how
To change ray frame
Make  myself something
I am not;
Have never  been
How  I envy the serene
People who  breeze their
Way  on, light as air
Light as dawn, no care
To furrow them,  bend them down
Nothing  mattering
All coming, going
Happy  and daft
They know   how to have fun
Will never be worn
Flesh forever pink
Never  growing old
Life never scolds them
Light as thistledown.
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