We Cannot Name

there is a god
behind all religion
we know not
the name of
and have not imagined

we render it supine
and stapled to our walls
by our ridiculous pictures
our small minds

it is vaster higher brighter
than we here know 
and time is in its shadow
for it tallies all
and flows

the christians name it
christ the son
muhammad is for islam
and for some the buddha is
the chosen one -
its names are manifold
its pictures run
but it is not as thin 
and uninspired
as we make him -
it is ancient and is mind 
in fire the one bright paradigm
of power

its sphere of growth
and influence
absorbs all our
thought and prayer 
it loves us 
but declines
all the faces
all the names
all our childish games 

for it is all that is
and all in one exists
in a circle and a core 
not a man
with a beard
a scimitar
or no hair
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