Walking the Plank

There's no going back now
I've made my  decision
I step
Onto  the plank
It judders softly with my
The wood  trembles
The water's hiss is louder here
I hesitate, look back,
You  lounge against a tree
Your  black cloak swaddles
Your  feet stretched out
The smoke  lifts lazily
From  your black cheroot
I see the steel-grey
Glint of an eye
Gleam  under the brim of
Your  wide black hat
You  watch me
Sardonic smile
Amusement   plays your
You  gesture idly
Come   back to me
You  don't believe I see
I drag my  eyes away
Look  down
Jump  instinctively

Surprised I find
I don't sink after all
The current buoys
My  body up  it
Bears me  gently in its
Arms  -
I look back -
You  are
Standing now, shading
Eyes, I see from here your
Frown  -
Thus  far I am on course
Held  in the slipstream
And  now
Your  smile has gone.
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