Us Two

there is my time 
and company there is 
silence and voice I have 
space time and choice I have 
grown wings and sharings 
you have brought me 
bright gifts we have 
sifted time and ends I have 
desks and screens and 
words you are 
walk and talk and kerbs
take us forward to a 
day an hour and being 
together you have fallen 
into step with me I am 
singing hard singing free
you are thought and tears 
you are your body years
I am replete and 
brimming I have taken 
you in you are swimming 
in my eyes we are 
laughter faith and alibis 
all-seeing all-doing 
delineated time you are 
reason and rhyme I am 
all-knowing, primed 
for beginning you have 
taken me in and our 
dreaming our dreaming 
of life pure and true 
a fast-flowing vein 
all-thorough and new a 
fluid exchange an ideal 
mode of being a human 
a human man 
and a woman us 
two in our time in our 
breathing and winning 
our going and our staying 
we paper our days 
with our words and 
our ways
us two in our 
time and our meaning
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