Unravelling threads of time with head-butting persistence
my one strong finger holds back the towering wall
clarity entices with maddening resistance
thoughts spin and pant, contorted, lustful

mind-hollows scream, sucked-dry and sound-proofed
studded doors stand fast, bolted, barred, black-roofed
oblivious to the sound of exhausted fists' pounding 
frenzied agony jarred, through the mists barely-sounding

mists swirling white and thick, soft hooks baiting
the past, standing near, silently waiting
to score proofs of a life of a soul in the earth
undermine worth, propagate dearth

curb breath, with force bewilder the eyes
prevent passage through the wood under the skies
to the one sitting waiting on his white throne
before whom you bow, and lie, and lay your burdens down.
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